Denis Raj Param

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Kundalini Yoga in English Poznań

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Denis Raj Param

I originate from France where I was humbly brought up, grew up and learn my trade as a chef. At the age of 21 I moved to England and I spent the last 25 years there, where I later met my wife and my two children were born.

I love simple pleasures such as long walks in nature and I am passionate about good and healthy food, especially plant-based and mostly raw food.


During my time in the U.K. working for large corporations, I felt numb and lifeless. Thankfully, after joining Kundalini Yoga classes as a student, I finally had my call, and all the sudden the void I had felt for so many years began to fill.


I therefore decided to enrol myself in a Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Course with Amrit Nam Sarovar School, which follows the tradition of Yogi Bhajan’s teachings. During this course I learned and practiced the dynamics of Kundalini yoga and its philosophy, the chakras, universal laws, mantras, pranayama, sadhana, kriya and much more.


My mentor, Har Nal Kaur, has worked with the school’s founder. Har Nal has created and managed most of the courses and retreats offered at the school.

Before moving to Poland last September, I was grateful to take part in some festivals where I shared some of the beautiful practice that Kundalini Yoga has to offer, and started providing online classes.

I have recently been blessed with my spiritual name as: Raj Param Singh, which means:

“The noble and fearless Lion who experiences the greatness of his soul through connecting with the divine flow of God’s wisdom.”
Using the rich capacity of this name, reveals my gift of fearlessly embodying the greatness and nobility of my soul by connecting with the divine flow of God’s wisdom. The minds and hearts of all of those around me are guided and elevated with spiritual excellence, awareness, integrity and joy through my oneness with the sacred knowledge of the Divine.


When joining my Kundalini Yoga classes, I will share with you the variety of Kriya (a set of yoga poses with specific goals and benefits), pranayama, mantras and meditation, all with a real emphasis on breathing techniques.

I am looking forward to meeting you.


Sat Nam